Our solution

An ethical and human centered designed A.I. solution

At Thrasos we believe that an efficient A.I. solution must relies on human expertise and dedicated teams. Mutual learning between human and machine is essential to succeed with AI. Our Human-Centered Designed process capitalize on our long experienced skills coming from the field to combine efficacy of A.I. with Human expertise

Privacy & Security of your sensitive data

At Thrasos, confidentiality of your data is our upmost concern. The development of Thrasos consider privacy and security by design from the very first steps. A severe selection process of our partners guarantee a total privacy, security and reliability of our solution

Our innovation

A scientific approach of hygiene

Automatic & Adaptative optimizations

The unique A.I. technology of Thrasos solution enables to track and trace continuously every single cleaning protocole of every single production line in order to perform a tailormade sequence that prevent from bad sanitations and maximize it efficacy

Predictive cleaning operations

Thanks to its unique Food Safety Management System developed alongside with state-of-the-art Food Research Institute, Thrasos enables to monitor and assess in real time and at a very fine level, the efficacy of cleaning operations. Thrasos guarantee the best momentum to operate the proper sanitation program

Food Safety Management as a Service

At Thrasos we know how important is to be reactive and efficient when we talk about Food Safety. Thrasos offers a brand new vision of sanitation procedures based on a 360 Food Safety Management System. Thanks to its high speed execution deep learning network, Thrasos is able to analyze a large scale of parameters involved in Food Safety and so validate the compliance of your hygiene procedures

Pure Player

At Thrasos we believe that Food Processors need to have full control and knowledge on their hygiene operations. Therefore, the Food Safety Management of your plant must rely on solutions developed by pure players

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